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Bermuda Traingle

The world is full of mystery. Since birth men try to solve the unsolved question of the nature. With the age of expedition and science man can pull down the mighty nature with his extreme courage. He can fly through air, can dive in deep blue sea, can blast out to the outer space, and can conquer the divinity of mountain. But still the nature raises its mightiness over human. Still thousands of unsolved questions create mystery. Human knowledge is still minuscule to solve it and one of these is Bermuda triangle which is also known as devil’s triangle.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

In geographically Bermuda triangle is a location linking Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico and create a huge triangle. It is around 500000 square km in size. But what is the mystery of this area? The Bermuda Triangle has had outlandish sightings since the 1600’s. Through Columbus’s expedition, he saw strange things like weird lights and his compass not pointing north in the area. Planes, surface vessels are vanished immediately in this area without any warning. Planes disappeared from the radar; planes lost their communications even search party also disappeared without leaving any sign. Pilots screamed that the compass pointer moved in a rapid speed and the craft were falling to the water surface. After some time pilot lost his all connection and disappeared for ever.

What happened in their fate? The answer is beyond knowledge. Many legends had born about this mystery. Men imagine many ferocious monsters who grab the ship and destroy it and who can destroy even airplane through its evil spirit. After that people try to believe about extraterrestrial beings from the outer spaces and so on. People try to find their answer through imagination if the logic failed. So Bermuda triangle given has birth many mysterious legends. But what is the truth?


Storm in Bermuda Triangle

Many scientists think that there is a strong magnetic field which draws the metal made ships or airplanes in the deep of water. And because of this magnetic force, radar signal lost. But this theory doesn’t explain every thing. Besides its impossible that the magnetic forces activate only this area and it can’t be recognize from the other areas.

The most trustable view is that there is a large concentration of methane gas trapped in the ocean floor. The gas is due to dying and decomposing sea organisms which are buried in the sediments. The sediments contain bacteria that produce methane, which accumulates as super concentrated methane ice, called gas hydrates. Within seconds of a methane gas ‘’bubble’’ rupturing, the gas will rush up to the surface of the ocean without warning. Any ship located above such a rupture would immediately sink to the ocean floor and would very rapidly be covered with sediments! Even planes flying above could catch fire following such a blow-out.

Another possible theory says that, Carbon dioxide gas is the culprit. Carbon dioxide is a gas that freezes at much warmer temperatures than water. The triangle is full of carbon dioxide and that means that when boats pass through the triangle they can freeze on the base making them sink from the weight. The gas can also explain plane disappearances too. When the engine starts it can cause the gas in the air to ignite making the air craft explode. The explosion can also explain the strange lights in the triangle.

Many specialists give different views but the truth is that. Bermuda triangle stills an unsolved mystery of the world which creates brain storming to the educated modern science based people.


  1. nice attempt

  2. Great work!!!!!! keep going dear ………


  3. I like both ur blog n the article… keep it up

  4. Nice Job…….

    Jeta shikh bi..Valo kore shik bi

    Best of Luck……….

  5. gr8 man keep going all d best

  6. I like your report on the bermuda triangle, but I do have a question for you. You mentioned in your first paragraph that us (humans) have made great technological advances and can’t uncover the mystery within the triangle. Whether is a natural event or a scientific theory behind those disappearances, have you ever wondered that there could be something else there more powerful that we can’t yet discover. Just answer this question, and think about your answer, do you think that we are the only ones in the universe? just us, no one else, we are too selfish to accept that there’s nothing else out there, and if there is, the government will hide it because it will scare us, we are not ready for others, whether they are aliens, gods, or anything you can think of out of the ordinary.

    take care!

  7. hm,its only god knows what happen to those thousands of plains and ships disappaered.

  8. God’s mysterious way of doing things. its more spiritual than scientific

  9. maybe to grab peoples attention
    why dont you put the unsolved mysteries of the bermuda triangle ?
    it would draw alot of attention for viewers.
    im just wanting to help you!

    best of luck,

  10. amazing and nice

  11. good what a brilliant idea.

  12. The regularity of night and day, the regularity of the seasons both determined by the spin/rotation and the orbital motion of the earth shows that there is a devine order in charge of the universe. The law of conservation of angular momentum propounded by scientists has already been established by the word of God thousands of years back in Genesis 8:22. It is not possible to know all the secret without the knowledge of the creator and owner of the universe. Some secret will not be known until the end although knowledge and travel shall increase .

  13. There is a stronger force than neither science nor logic can explain,,,,,,,

  14. all of this has a reason! only GOD knows!

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